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See About Perl Wiki for policies and guidlines

Editing Edit

Anyone can edit any page on the Perl Wiki that isn't protected from unregistered users. See Help:Editing

Creating an account Edit

Because the Perl Wiki project is aimed at forming a community around interest in Perl, the staff here prefers that contributers identify themselves by creating an account.

Still, anonymous entries that are useful and relevant are always welcome.

Log in / create account allows identified users enhanced features such as attribution for their work, a watchlist and social identity with other Perl Wikians.

Writing articles Edit

Anyone can and may write an article here on the perl wiki. If it's good, you get some kudos.

Participating in discussions Edit

Sure. Even trolls are welcomed here on the perl wiki. Why the heck not?

Joining the Perl Wiki project Edit

Perl Wiki, the project is managed by a staff currently having 3 members. Anyone can join. See Perl Wiki:Staff#Join us to sign up.
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