A key is a singleton.

An automaton, say User:Sunday uses it to reference or de-reference a row or column in a table found at Sunday. In WikiaPerl these tiny tables are called nanobases. Anyone can make a nanobase if he or she can form a list, write a rule, or compile a family of data.

Example Edit

From Category:Perl Wiki:

We get down to the nitty-grittyThe nuts-and-bolts of crawling, spidering, automation, compression, data-mining, enlistment, recruitment, training, policy administration, Category:software development, Category:Documentation, yadda-yadda-yadda. got it?GET IT!

That, friend, is an example of a keyword file inside of a context, namely Perl Wikithis site.

Rules Edit

Keys use rules:

key + word + file = Keyword file

... or as perl would see it:

%Keywords={"@keys" => "@words"};

Keys in this case are numeric and words are just words understood and shared by the Human Community in a most generic sense.

A rule in terms of an automaton is a protocol that references a policy much in the same way that in memetics a meme is a token that represents a paradigm.

name="key" class="keys" value="all"

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