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WikiaPerl is currently not much more than a loose bundle of ideas, module concepts, half-baked scripts, the beginnings of a perl code library, some dialog with other Wikia sites and a study of how CPAN works.

If and when it is finished, WikiaPerl hopes to be offered to the general netizenship of Wikia and other MediaWiki users as a Perl-esque way of dealing with dynamic content, project management, tables, templates, collaboration, &....

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Advice?

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Wow! There's people coming here! Eric started this site back in June of '06, but he's fallen ill and hasn't been on line. I got discouraged and kind of abandoned the Perl Wiki and the WikiaPerl project. I'm absolutely lame as a Perl coder (as you've probably guessed) and I regret having made folks wanna cry with my pitiful attempts. Thanks for the corrections to the scripting article and and others. Maybe this site can be useful, if ya'll stay and contribute. I, for one will greatly appreciate it. Thanks a heap! CQ 18:04, 3 May 2007 (UTC)
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Perl Wiki — yet another place for novice and veteran coders to get together and experience Perl, but this time there's MediaWiki!

This site is about exploring the Perl Community, experimenting with code and building community in a fun and interesting way.

We review things from CPAN, Perl Mongers and many others. We also co-mingle with Wikipedia and its META-Community. • Join our staff!

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