MediaWiki allows us to build dynamic pages through the use of templates and variables.


  • 9 July 2020

The code {{Q}} produces:

  • 2020/28/Thursday

Q is a convenience for weekly things such as current events. It uses the year/week/dayname format. It is made from:


We're going to make another template, Queue that auto-generates the 11 July 2006 format.

Now we have a way to make a versitile day/week/month/year counter for automating functions here at the Perl Wiki. For the Perl Wiki:Record, we generate a {{DQ}} or Day Queue like so:

  • [[{{Q}}|{{Queue}}]]

Now we have a page:

Of course that link is red. 20 September 2006 is its location.

Stay tuned! We're going to work on using Q, Queue and DQ along with Perl to build a new dynamic Main Page, unlike any other!

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