One of our specialties here at the Perl Wiki is to review all of the wonderful sites out there that relate to our favorite programming language, Perl. As one would expect, we have our own notions about Perl, and a repository of dialog and commentary about it.

Every now and then, we take it upon ourselves to write coherant documents we call reviews about not only Perl itself, but about websites and other resources that support Perl and the Perl Community.

This Page is a master listing of our own articles about all things perl. It is also an integral part of our process of listing, reviewing, summarizing, sorting, evaluating, testing, and marketing: All Things Perl.

Review Process Edit

Template:ReviewName0 holds the location of the INDEX to all items to be reviewed.

Currently the Perl online resources page lists all the items Ahy1 has looked at. He has provided hrefs and faces which have been copied to Perl Wiki:Review/INDEX and Perl Wiki talk:Review/INDEX, respectively. The face texts were made into wikilinks to local articles. These pages are for preliminary notes, reactions and opinions and can be renamed if needed.

See also Talk:Perl online resources.

Preliminary ratings - ROLL Edit

All the items currently on the list begin a highly rated by default. Please leave them at that level. If you find something objectionable about make a note of it on it's page. This part is a consensus-driven process of review.


  • [0] undefined listed only
  • [1] high default
  • [2] medium
  • [3] low
  • [4] not listed

Placing a new item in the ROLL begins with a listing on Perl online resources conforming to the method Arild uses. It should also be added to [[Talk:Perl online resources under a new heading (using the + tab). Periodically, Charley or someone will update Perl Wiki:Review/INDEX and Perl Wiki talk:Review/INDEX with formatted entries. If you want to do it yourself follow the guidelines on Category:Reviews.

Systematic ratings - POLL Edit

The above is a consensus-driven peer-review process similar to the ones used at Wikipedia even to this day. One of the primary WikiaPerl/Features is its built in POLL station for aggrigating sytematic ratings provided by individual users based on their own impressions of a resource.

If you are a budding coder, you may want to participate in building the Perl Wiki prototype POLL module.


  • 0 - [undefined] listed only
  • 1 - [excellent] *** Featurable
  • 2 - [fine] ** Like "GA" rating on Wikipedia
  • 3 - [promising] * useful and well-organized
  • 4 - [good] &... [[Category:Steering Committee|relevant, bookmarked &... indexed
  • 5 - [average] default
  • 6 - [needy] problems loading or excessive advertizing
  • 7 - [failing] url doesn't resolve
  • 8 - not listed

Table definitions Edit

Here is the SETUP FRAME:

=== &...[[Perl online resources]] ===
[[Template:Review0]]: #template
*[[Template:Roll0]]:  #listed = yes[0]|no[4]
*[[Template:Poll0]]:  #listed = yes[0]|no[8]

You should know that &... is a gluestick for a namespace.

For now, please refer to &..., construct, build, GEN, POE and Category:Reviews. CQ -O^O- 12:52, 9 October 2006 (UTC)

Test Review Edit

Test Review:

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