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TIMTOWTDI is an acroynm which means "there is more then one way to do it" which is at the heart of the perl philosophy.


Perl was created with TIMTOWTDI in mind: Larry Wall designed it to try and give as much freedom to the user as possible, with the hope of allowing expressiveness and beautifully designed code. Some people believe that as a result of TIMTOWTDI code will be unreadable especially after being a 100 lines. This leads people like Eric Raymond to state that Perl is mostly good for one liners and small sysadmin scripts.

Python is designed with a philosophy that is directly the opposite of this - in Python there is only one way to do things and they believe there should only be one way to do things. This can be seen in Python 3000 which removes <> leaving only one option for not equals operator and how the Python people decided not to add macros to the language. Perl6 introduces far more TIMTOWTDI than ever before.