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Heap big fancy Edit


My $Start_Stop=13;
My $Friendly_name="FANNY";
My $FunnyNamespace=Template:FunnyName5;
My $QUEUE="Template:215";
My $Q=5;
=pod NAME



Wikio Edit

My $Domain="";
My $Node="/wiki";
My @hrefs=("http://$Domain/$node/"

 With #userclass="pseudo", User:Friday
 has to eat lunch with User:Sunday
 kissing butt til .. you guessed it:
 $t0="17:00 Friday (UTC)";
 (See Fun with timezones

 At that point Old #5 turns on
 the Jams and starts
 the Party.

 Soon he's Joined by User:Saturday
 who firewalls Sunday and gets:
  ($playlist_1..$playlist_4) =>
 These playlists were compiled
 clandestinly through the week by

 User:Friday, being an archivist
 has no need for his own $playlist because
 $playlist_5 is a reference to
 @WEEKEND=($Start, $Queue, $Stop)


WikiaPerl Edit

My $nickname="Lucky13";

On IRC I handle $songs and other files of all sorts as a background process 24/7. I am a daemon of course. If you see Lucky 13 in a channel like say #unit-e or #freematrix on that might be me. You may also see an old alias of mine: User:tractor.