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Synopsis Edit

WikiaPerl::WeekBots are proposed to become "pseudousers" in the User: namespace of any MediaWiki-driven site.

The {{CURRENTDOW}} variable is the numeric reference for the days of the week:

  • ( 0 .. 6 ) redirects or references in Template:WEEK to the 7 User pages

Each WeekBot has it own "article" in the Main namespace:

  • ( Sunday .. Saturday ) corresponding to its dayname or friendly name
  • ( Su .. Sa ) abreviated redirects

These are dynamically dequeued using {{CURRENTDAYNAME}}.

Each week is either planned or logged (projected or recorded) with assignments using the {{CURRENTWEEK}} vairable.

  • This is Week 21 for this year.

Thus a project/record queue can be built at the userbase's convienience with a compact format:

Description Edit

We want to make WikiaPerl a package or bundle that allows sysops, admins and normal users to transparently manage dynamic content with something like a POE server. It's just a pipe|dream at this point, but the purposes for the package may be:

  • Expedite collaboration across languages, political boundaries and timezones
  • IRC control and monitoring of wikia and MediaWiki-driven sites
  • Updating current events, handling news, tracking discussions, etc.
  • Provide a realtime interface between a wiki site, its IRC channel, and its media streams, rss feeds, and other dynamic aspects
  • ...

Wiki Campus Radio needs a way to glue VoIP call-in programs, userbase management, Wikiversity's MediaWiki site, the IRC channels, the Wikimedia Commons, Icecast streams, open-content playlists, rss feeds, blogs, discussion and a whole myriad of parts and pieces together for an extremely fast-growing metacommunity. We think it's a job that POE and WeekBots can handle.

Authors Edit

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