The Perl Wiki University -- Founded 2006.

The Wikibooks:Wikiversity is a project of The Wikimedia Foundation called Wikiversity, and this great project is currently being submitted once again to be approved to assume its proper namespace and finally become v:Main_Page, after a fairly long delay for project proposal modifications. User:Ermeyers has been actively involved in trying to provide some assistance to help give the Final Push to get this very good thing to come to its fruition in Wikimedia:Meta.

Perl at Wikiversity Edit

Wikiversity is now a reality. Topic:Perl has been started by our own C Quinton. His user page at Wikiversity is here. See also Wikia:Talk:Interwiki map#Wikiversity.

Perl Wiki is helping to form the Perl curriculum there as of mid-October, 2006. Please participate!

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