The old grind! While building WikiaPerl, we're making a living. Notice the .com on the end, there. This is a lot of work and we expect to get paid for it in some way. After all, we ARE budding professionals, the whole lot of us.

At least as semi-pros, we should get in the habit of scheduling our work and recording our actions. The Mythical Man-Month is indeed mythical, but our weekly time-tracking system is (we think) practical, as is our method of extracting and reporting less-evil ways to build capital.

Will work for food Edit

Based on scripting, using simple tutorial-level scripts and CURRENT variables in MediaWiki to extract, report and schedule Wikia events using perl, we hope to serve the full Wikia as tool-builders. WikiaPerl with POE employed, will have realtime capabilities that can navigate from $ to irc.$$Topic to$Topic and beyond munching on tasty data as it goes.

WEEK ain't weak Edit

A workweek is a local construct that employs {{CURRENTDOW}}, {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} and {{CURRENTWEEK}} to track dynamic elements for a model we call {{WEEK}} applied to Software engineering production scheduling and accounting. It is more localized and rigorous than a newsweek which relates more to news and information.

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